Prohibited Items

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Unacceptable Items

Quivey Sanitation, Inc. is not allowed to pick up certain items. Illinois regulates the types of waste that can be transferred to landfills. Please visit this link for complete information and item explanation from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Below a list of the most common items we are prohibited from hauling:

1. Tires

2. White Goods: washers, dryers, hot water heaters

3. Yard waste: Including brush & tree limbs, grass clippings, and leaves

4. Electronics: Including TVs, computers, monitors, radios, printers, keyboards, VCRs, DVDs, scanners, fax machines and other items with circuit boards

5. Hazardous waste including chemicals, motor oil, and pool chemicals

6. Batteries

7. Aerosol cans or containers

8. Propane or fuel tanks

9. Paint and Paint Thinner

10. Mercury containing waste including fluorescent lamps

11. Industrial waste

12. Bricks & concrete

Check with your local municipalities for suggested disposal of these items.


Additional items include:

1. Stone

2. Burn Barrel waste

3. Dirt